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The website of John and Robin Beardmore (Beardmore Bros) England's premier car builders and modifiers. Specialising in Morris Minors modified and standard.
See all their cars with build up pictures on these pages.
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My old Kitten recently came out to play again........
It is looking superb. See HERE for many pics

It also ran down the drag strip at 10.86 secs and that was running out of gearing at 3/4 track. VIDEO
It is great to see it out and about again looking so good and being so fast.

I am having a clear out of bits and parts FOR SALE HERE

John`s Morris Minor
This is John`s new project, a space framed, 2000cc Fiat engine with 16 valve cylinder head, independent double wishbone suspension, 178mm widened Morris Minor convertible for hillclimb and sprints.
The 100 pages ( and over 800 photographs ) show the design and build of this radical and innovative vehicle. Also at the top of many of the pages John gives lots of tips and advice.
Morris Minor Racer
V8 Reliant Kitten
John`s Reliant kitten has a 3528cc Rover V8 engine, space frame chassis, rear tyres that are 12" wide and can accelerate from 0-100mph in under 10 seconds.
The 16 pages ( and over 120 photographs ) show the build and driving of this insane vehicle.
V8 Reliant Kitten
Roadster Pick Up
Robin`s famous pickup with the removable roof. It started as a van, then was a pink pickup, before the final super smooth creation.
The 4 pages ( and 43 photographs ) show the many different incarnations of this award winning, television featured vehicle.
Roadster Pickup
1/2 Size Morris Minor Pickup
Robin`s scratch built half scale model of his roadster pickup.
The 2 pages ( and 15 photographs ) show the making of the body from wood, fibreglass and filler, the motor cycle powered chassis and a comparison with his full size roadster.
Race Performance and Construction Magazine

This is an Austrailian magazine aimed at the home car builder and competitor and is well worth getting hold of if you can. My Minor was in issue 3 and I was partly responsible for the idea of the magazine.
1/2 Scale Pick Up
1032 Ford Hot Rod
Robin purchased a part finished 1932 Ford 3 window (chopped) coupe, with 350cu Chevy, 350 trans, Ford 9" axle, Micky T`s and fortunately independent front suspension. We sorted out the suspension, steering, brakes, plumbing, interior to make a fun car.
1932 Ford 3 Window Rod
Morris Minor Rally Van
John`s 1600cc Fiat twin cam powered Morris Minor van with reinforced and modified Minor suspension for road use and tarmac rally. It features vented disc brakes, coil over spherically jointed suspension and a rollcage / chassis strengthener.
The 10 pages ( and 80 photographs ) show the build of the van, detailing all the modifications, and how the new owners have made it there own.
Rally Prepared Van
Morris Minor 2litre twin cam powered convertible
Dad`s Minor convertible has 2000cc Fiat power and was used to tow his caravan around Europe. The car has many modifications to make it more suitable for modern day motoring but retains the standard Morris Minor looks.
The 4 pages ( and 43 photographs ) show the build of the car including fitting the Fiat engine and the car on holiday. The car has been sold and is now in the USA (Hollywood and then Arizona).
Beardmore Bros TV Appearance

See How We Did On Thunder Races

We converted a Fiat Uno into a high powered mid Saab engined rally cross car in two days.
Pictures HERE
Dads Convertible
Dads Morris Oxford
Dads latest classic car has a 1950cc MGB engine and gearbox and is used to tow his now larger caravan around the UK and Europe. The 34 photographs show the car and fitting of the engine.
Dads Morris Oxford
John`s 1st car, 2000cc Fiat powered.
This was John`s first Minor and the one on which he learnt the basis of his skills. Initially 1275cc powered it soon gained a 2000cc Fiat engine, the first of his many conversions.
The 5 pages ( and 52 photographs ) show the build and driving of this historic vehicle.
Plus the car over the years in the hands of its new owners.
John`s 1st Minor
2000cc Lada Riva
John`s Lada with 2000cc Fiat power and capable of 0-60 mph in 7 seconds was used as a road car and for tarmac rally. This unusual base for a vehicle demonstrates John`s radical thinking.
The 2 pages ( and 19 photographs ) show the build and driving of this street sleeper.
2000cc Lada
Morris Minor GPO Van
Robin`s immaculate rubber winged GPO van proves that standard cars also feature in his life. This vehicle has had a complete restoration to better than new and has a complete set of period tools in the back.
The 6 pages ( and 57 photographs ) show the long restoration from complete wreck to pristine van.
Concours GPO Van
Morris Minor Convertible Built On A Van Chassis
A Morris Minor convertible built onto a van chassis with 2000cc Fiat power and low ride height. We regard this vehicle as one of the best all round cars we have built.
The single page has 6 photographs.
Nigels Convertible
Custom 4 Door Minor
4 photographs of one of Robin`s early vehicles.
2000cc Lancia Delta
Robin`s Lancia Delta, originally 1600cc, now with 2000cc Fiat Croma power. Was his everyday vehicle.
2000cc Minor Sleeper
A 2000cc Fiat powered street sleeper Minor built for Andrew.
Radio Controlled Minor
Robin`s radio controlled Morris Minor saloon completes the line up of his different scaled Morris Minors.
The 12 photographs ( on a single page ) show how the body was made from a pot Morris Minor, using a flexible mould.
Information about John
Links to websites featuring car builds and other interesting and useful sites.
Videos of our cars drag racing, hillclimbing, being built and being driven................
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