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As the text is difficult to read I have reproduced it here.

Robin Beardmore has a great aim in life, almost an obsession, to do things to Minors that have never been done before, yet make the package work as a whole and always improve on the original. The much imitated initial build was well detailed in our Nov. `89 issue so we`ll just detail the radical, yet subtle new mods, taken from nose to tail.
The `glass front bumper has been lowered 1" with the wings extended down to match. To loose the external bonnet hinges this now pivots at the front on Montego hinges with ( cont. on page 2 ).

Caption by engine bay shot.
Beardmore trademark super smooth engine bay houses a stock 2 litre Fiat motor, breathing better thanks to a pair of 40DCOE Webers. Note rear air filter has been raised via a machined ally adapter to clear the damper.