Honda Jazz Water In The Spare Wheel Well


If you own a Honda Jazz and discover water in the spare wheel well and your car is under 6 years old, contact Honda and
they will fix it under warranty.

If your car is older than six years (like mine) then this shows you how to fix it.

The water can get in a variety of ways, through the tail gate gas ram bracket bolt holes or through cracked seam sealer at the rear of the C pillar roof joint.

The water then runs down the inside of the panel and weeps out of the panel joint in the spare wheel well. You will probably see signs of rust between the panel seams all the way down the right rear C pillar in the boot area. It only does this on the right side. On the left side the water will run outside the vehicle.

Over view of the rear of the Jazz

The first place that requires sealing is tail gate gas strut bolt holes. I removed the two bolts, removed the bracket
and sealed the threads and around the bolt holes with instant gasket (Loctite 518).


Cracked Honda Jazz Seam Sealer

Under the roof trim strip the sealer is likely to be cracked.


Seam Sealer removed

Carefully remove the seam sealer. I used a blunt screwdriver, bit of wire and a scalpel.
There is about a 4mm gap between the panels.


Seam sealer removed

I also removed the sealer further down. The Sikaflex 221 sealant I used doesnt keep so I thought
I would all the seams and the other side of the car while I was on.

It is quite awkward to work around the harness boot.


Seam sealer applied

I used Sikaflex 221 polyurathane sealant It is messy and I wore gloves. I pushed it into the seams with a
screw driver. If you wet the screwdriver with saliva then the sealant doesnt stick to it.


Seam sealer applied

It was awkward to get the sealer looking this tidy. Ideally I woud have used my bare finger to shape it but
it is difficult to remove the sealer.


Once the sealer is dry I will touch in in with paint. When the car has had chance to dry thoroughly I will inject
wax panel rust inhibitor down the tailgate gas ram stay bolt holes and in the spare wheel well.