This page contains links to interesting sites featuring home built cars, companies who have given us special service and sites that are useful for car building..
Zetec Inside
This website is all about a Ford Zetec engined Fiesta. It shows in detail how the car was built and prepared and how to fit a Zetec engine to a Fiesta. The owner competes in hill climbs and sprints, in the same class as me.
Mid Engined Spaceframed Mini
A home built car using a carbon fibre body shell. It will be used on the road and track. Well worth a look. The website is frequently updated.
Front wheel drive Rover V8 Mini!
A Rover V8 in a Mini clubman. It fits in with no bulk head cutting and uses a Princess gearbox. It is amazing.
Audi Racing
This site details John Sleath`s street legal 8 second drag racing Audi. The car is home built and was constructed in only 5 months! He was in our team for the Thunder Car Races TV program.
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders is one of the best builders of custom cars. His creativity and work rate is amazing.
Retro Rides
Retro Rides is dedicated to modified Retro Cars.
Eng Tips
This is one of the best forums I have found. It covers all aspects of engineering and is visited by many experts. Aimed mainly at industry it still has much car building information.
Guy Croft
Racing Engines
Guy Croft Racing Engines specialises in Fiat engines. Contact him for parts, tuning, engine builds, head work and advice. The site is based around a forum with lots of technical information
V8 Porsche 914
This car is amazing. It is one of the few cars that I have seen that has a design and build quality that matches race cars. Mid mounted twin supercharged small block Chevy. Unfortunately the site has not been updated for years and there is no evidence of the car actually being used.
Car Racing Photographs
This site contains 1,000s of car pictures, mainly drag racing, but theres car shows, rally cross, monster truck racing etc. The site is Swedish based but all written in English. The pictures are very good.
Street Racing
Videos of real orgainsed Swedish street racing featuring full on door slammers that can run 8`s. These guys are crazy!!
Car Videos
All kinds of car related videos to watch.