Recommended Reading


We did not just get our knowledge, we have done a lot of reading of books and magazines. These are the ones that we would recommend that you read.


Custom Car
Car and Car Conversions
Classic and Sportscar
Race Car Engineering
Race Tec
Minor Monthly
Any magazine article written by Carroll Smith or David Vizard.


Prepare To Win, Engineer To Win, Tune To Win, Drive To Win and Nuts, Bolts, Fastener and Plumbing all by Carroll Smith. If you only buy five books get these. They are the best. Buy them. All about car preparation tuning and design.

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics by Milliken / Milliken. Expensive, technical but worth it even if you only understand 25% of it.

Race and Rally Car Source Book by Allan Staniforth. A good book for beginners.

Tuning BL`s A-Series Engine by David Vizard. Even though it is specific for just the one engine it contains so much information that can apply to any engine it is worth buying.

How To Build Horsepower Vol 1 by David Vizard. Applicable to all engines but biased to American V8`s. Again essential reading.

Race Car Engineering & Mechanics by Paul Van Valkenburgh.

Competition Car Composites By Simon McBeath.

Race Car Chassis Design and Construction by Forbes Aird.

Modifying and Tuning Fiat/Lancia Twin-Cam Engines by Guy Croft. Essential if you are modifying this engine.

Brake Handbook by Fred Puhn.

Morris Minor Exploring The Legend by John Pressnell. An excellent book about the Morris Minor with articles about us.

Automotive Supercharging and Turbo Charging Manual by John D. Humphries. Very technical and good if you can understand it.

Other Essential Reading

Any manufactures / suppliers catalogues, vehicle automotive manuals (such as Haynes ), trade magazines and journals, Demon Tweeks catalogue ( ), any other race car parts suppliers catalogues.