GPO Van Title Page

Robin`s 1954 rubber winged GPO engineers van was purchased in 1990 as a partly dismantled wreck (fortunately the rare rubber wings were in a relatively good condition). It was dragged out of a Norfolk barn and transported back to Yorkshire. Over the next 9 years in between various other projects Robin completely restored his van doing a genuine nut and bolt rebuild. Many parts were dismantled or missing so much research was required to find out just how the the van should go together. Robin scoured autojumbles searching for the missing parts. He also managed to put together a complement of tools, manuals, telephones and equipment for the van. These items make the vehicle extra special. The van has won many awards at Morris Minor rallies proving that custom or restoration Robin has the necessary skills to produce top vehicles.


Page 1

10 pictures. Getting van from a barn. Putting in the new floor and cutting out the inner wing.

Page 2

10 pictures. New inner wings, door pillars and guttering fitted onto the cab. Finished cab.

Page 3

10 pictures. Cab blasted and painted. Chassis repaired and blasted.

Page 4

9 pictures. Chassis painted. Van back blasted and painted. Engine cleaned and painted.

Page 5

10 pictures. New mounting for rubber wing. Cab on the chassis and build up.

Page 6

8 pictures. Applying crown decals. Pictures of the finished van.