Johns Twin Cam Van Title Page

This Morris Minor van with a tuned 1600cc Fiat Twin cam engine and extensivly modified suspension was my everyday transport for 5 years during the late 90`s. It was also used in navigational scatters often winning events against high performance modern cars. I have used my extensive knowledge of Morris Minors to uprate and modify the weak areas of the body shell and suspension to create a reliable, strong, practical vehicle, which is still easily recognisable as a Morris Minor.The following pages illustrate the build up and the modifications to the van.
I built this van because I required a vehicle that I could use everyday, use to carry loads, and compete in motor sport events. It also had to be a Morris Minor because I had not owned a good Morris Minor for some years. A traveller was not considered due to the high cost of getting good woodwork.


Johns van specification

Detailed specification of the van

Page 1

10 pictures. The van as purchased, welding in a new dash and floors.

Page 2

10 pictures. Reinforcing the chassis eye bolt mounting. Repairing the engine bay. Front suspension modifications.

Page 3

10 pictures. Front vented disc brake conversion, reinforcements for bulkhead and steering rack mounting.

Page 4

10 pictures. New bulkhead, fitting Fiat engine, modifying rear suspension.

Page 5

10 pictures. Rear suspension, rear interior floor and archs, rear exterior archs and rear pan.

Page 6

10 pictures. Steering column mods., spraying van, wiring, heater and twin master cylinder pedal box.

Page 7

10 pictures. Build up, finished van, fabricated twin SU inlet manifold, modified rear 4 link mounting.

Page 8

10 pictures. Pattern and casting of twin SU inlet manifold. Big crash damage, rebuilt van. The van as it is now.